By Area - Carsphairn Hills

Identified Peaks

The following peaks have been identifed and displayed in descending height order. Alternative names by which a peak is known are given in square brakcets. To find out more about a particular peak, click on the name or select more.

Name Height Grid Ref
Cairnsmore of Carsphairn 797m 2615ft NX594979
Beninner 710m 2329ft NX605971
Blackcraig Hill 700m 2297ft NS647064
Windy Standard 698m 2290ft NS620014
Blacklorg Hill 681m 2234ft NS653042
Moorbrock Hill 650m 2133ft NX620983
Meikledodd Hill 643m 2110ft NS660027
Alhang 642m 2106ft NS642010
Moorbrock Hill North Top 641m 2103ft NX615988
Alwhat 628m 2060ft NS646020
Jedburgh Knees 621m 2037ft NS614027
Trostan Hill 617m 2024ft NS611017
Keoch Rig 611m 2005ft NX617999
Dugland 608m 1995ft NS602008
Steygail 573m 1880ft NS888084
Enoch Hill 569m 1867ft NS562067
Stony Hill 561m 1841ft NS725215
Darngarroch Hill 373m 1224ft NX803815
Maidenpap 314m 1030ft NX897616
Killyleoch Hill 240m 787ft NX878820

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