By Area - Dales: N Fells

Identified Peaks

The following peaks have been identifed and displayed in descending height order. Alternative names by which a peak is known are given in square brakcets. To find out more about a particular peak, click on the name or select more.

Name Height Grid Ref
Great Shunner Fell 716m 2349ft SD848972
High Seat 709m 2326ft NY802012
Wild Boar Fell 708m 2323ft SD758988
Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel] 695m 2280ft NY802003
Hugh Seat 689m 2260ft SD809991
Swarth Fell 681m 2234ft SD755966
Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill 678m 2224ft SD740916
Knoutberry Haw 676m 2218ft SD731919
The Calf 676m 2218ft SD667970
Lovely Seat 675m 2215ft SD879950
Calders 674m 2211ft SD670960
Rogan's Seat 672m 2205ft NY919030
Bram Rigg Top 672m 2205ft SD668964
Water Crag 668m 2192ft NY928046
Little Fell 667m 2188ft SD808971
Sails 666m 2185ft SD808965
Nine Standards Rigg 662m 2172ft NY825061
White Mossy Hill 655m 2149ft NY829053
Swarth Fell Pike 651m 2136ft SD761958
Fell Head 640m 2100ft SD649981
Yarlside 639m 2096ft SD685985
Randygill Top 624m 2047ft NY687000
Bush Howe 623m 2044ft SD659980
Arant Haw 605m 1985ft SD662946
Green Bell 605m 1985ft NY698010
Hoove 554m 1818ft NZ003071
Kisdon 499m 1637ft SD899998
Grayrigg Forest 494m 1621ft SD598998
Lambrigg Fell 339m 1112ft SD586941
Lambrigg Fell (old GR) 338m 1109ft SD586943

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