By Area - Loch Tay to Perth

Identified Peaks

The following peaks have been identifed and displayed in descending height order. Alternative names by which a peak is known are given in square brakcets. To find out more about a particular peak, click on the name or select more.

Name Height Grid Ref
Ben Chonzie 931m 3054ft NN773308
Creagan na Beinne 888m 2913ft NN744368
Creag Uchdag 879m 2884ft NN708323
Creagan na Beinne - Sron a'Chaoineidh 870m 2854ft NN770368
Creagan na Beinne - Meall nan Eanchainn 858m 2815ft NN787367
Creag Uchdag - Creag nan Eun 852m 2795ft NN727318
Creag Uchdag - Meall nan Oighreag 833m 2733ft NN705340
Creagan na Beinne - Meall nam Fuaran 805m 2641ft NN826361
Creagan na Beinne - Meall nam Fuaran North Top 797m 2615ft NN820370
Auchnafree Hill 789m 2589ft NN808308
Auchnafree Hill - Choinneachain Hill 787m 2582ft NN818289
Ben Chonzie - Carn Chois 786m 2579ft NN791277
Auchnafree Hill - Stonefield Hill 771m 2530ft NN833297
Shee of Ardtalnaig [Ciste Buide a'Claidheimh] 759m 2490ft NN729351
Beinn na Gainimh 730m 2395ft NN837344
Meall Buidhe 719m 2359ft NN576275
Creag Ruadh 712m 2336ft NN674292
Meall Dearg 690m 2264ft NN886414
Creag Each 672m 2205ft NN652263
Creag Gharbh 637m 2090ft NN632327
Meall nan Caorach 623m 2044ft NN928338
Meall Reamhar 620m 2034ft NN922332
Creag na Criche 456m 1496ft NN986350
Birnam Hill - King's Seat 404m 1325ft NO032401
Knock of Crieff 279m 915ft NN873233

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