By Area - Manor Hills

Identified Peaks

The following peaks have been identifed and displayed in descending height order. Alternative names by which a peak is known are given in square brakcets. To find out more about a particular peak, click on the name or select more.

Name Height Grid Ref
Broad Law 840m 2756ft NT146235
Cramalt Craig 831m 2726ft NT168247
Dollar Law 817m 2680ft NT178278
Fifescar Knowe 811m 2661ft NT175270
Dun Rig 744m 2441ft NT253315
Pykestone Hill 737m 2418ft NT173312
Notman Law 734m 2408ft NT185260
Glenrath Heights 732m 2402ft NT241322
The Scrape 719m 2359ft NT176324
Middle Hill 716m 2349ft NT159294
Brown Knowe 709m 2326ft NT142249
Long Grain Knowe 703m 2306ft NT167295
Black Law 698m 2290ft NT222279
Black Law SW Top 696m 2283ft NT218275
Great Knock 693m 2274ft NT139256
Tods Knowe 692m 2270ft NT163232
Talla Cleuch Head 691m 2267ft NT133218
Hundleshope Heights 686m 2251ft NT250339
Stake Law 682m 2238ft NT263321
Stob Law 676m 2218ft NT230332
Black Cleuch Hill [Blackhouse Heights] 675m 2215ft NT222290
Mathieside Cairn 669m 2195ft NT130222
Drumelzier Law 668m 2192ft NT149312
Lamb Knowe 661m 2169ft NT167225
Birkscairn Hill 661m 2169ft NT274331
Greenside Law 643m 2110ft NT198256
Clockmore 641m 2103ft NT183228
Hunt Law 639m 2096ft NT150264
Taberon Law 636m 2087ft NT146288
Deer Law 629m 2064ft NT222255

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