Wainwrights - Lakes: Western Fells


The Wainwrights are a group of 214 hills, made famous by the 7 Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells written by Alfred Wainwright.

Identified Peaks

The following peaks have been identifed and displayed in descending height order. Alternative names by which a peak is known are given in square brakcets. To find out more about a particular peak, click on the name or select more.

Name Height Grid Ref
Great Gable 899m 2949ft NY211103
Pillar 892m 2927ft NY171121
Scoat Fell 841m 2759ft NY159113
Red Pike (Wasdale) 826m 2710ft NY165106
Steeple 819m 2687ft NY157116
High Stile 807m 2648ft NY170148
Kirk Fell 802m 2631ft NY194104
Green Gable 801m 2628ft NY214107
Haycock 797m 2615ft NY144107
Red Pike (Buttermere) 755m 2477ft NY160154
High Crag 744m 2441ft NY180140
Brandreth 715m 2346ft NY214119
Grey Knotts 697m 2287ft NY217125
Caw Fell 697m 2287ft NY131109
Seatallan 692m 2270ft NY139084
Fleetwith Pike 648m 2126ft NY205141
Base Brown 646m 2119ft NY225114
Starling Dodd 633m 2077ft NY141157
Yewbarrow 627m 2057ft NY173084
Great Borne 616m 2021ft NY123163
Haystacks 597m 1959ft NY194132
Middle Fell 582m 1909ft NY151072
Blake Fell 573m 1880ft NY110196
Lank Rigg 541m 1775ft NY092119
Gavel Fell 526m 1726ft NY117184
Crag Fell 520m 1706ft NY097143
Mellbreak 512m 1680ft NY148186
Hen Comb 509m 1670ft NY132181
Grike 486m 1594ft NY085141
Burnbank Fell 475m 1558ft NY110209

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