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OK, well this is me, Giles Thurston pictured here in the Dolomites in Sept 2004. 

I’m basically nuts about anything to do about mountains including climbing (summer, winter & alpine), scrambling and hill walking. My current passion is mountain biking, cross country mainly since I discovered I have a sick fascination with cycling up hill!

If I was to describe my ideal mountain day it would be one of three things. The first would have to be a big multi pitch summer mountain route with a decent walk in. Nice and quiet, awesome scenery and miles from the busier road side crags. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy road side crags as well, its just that I prefer the high mountains. Probably to date my favourite route is Main Wall on Cryn Las in Llanberis Pass - not that far from the road but still absolutely awesome!

The second would be the same as the first but in either the Scottish Winter or Alpine Summer. In Scotland I would quote Tower Ridge as my favourite winter route and in the Alps the North Face of Tour Ronde.  Finally the third option would be mountain biking, I’m not fussed where as long as it involves plenty of singletrack and a good dose of up and downhill.

My favourite areas in the UK would have to be Lakes, Snowdonia and of course Scotland. I live just north of Cambridge with my wife (Leanne) and cat (Oscar) and we try to get away at least once a month, sometimes more. Most of our holidays are spent in the mountains, be that in the UK or further afield in the Alps etc.

I am involved with a number of Duke of Edinburgh groups as an expedition instructor & assessor. I hold the MLTUK Walking Group Leader (WGL), Summer Mountain Leader (SML), Winter Mountain Leader (WML), International Mountain Leader (IML) and Single Pitch (SPA) awards, along with a valid first aid certificate and CRB check.

I have lead youth development expeditions to Bolivia and Iceland and if all goes according to plan I am hoping to start the Mountain Instructor Award (MIA) in the near future.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme was how I originally got into the mountains and I have fond memories of doing my bronze, silver & gold awards in the Lake District. Consequently I really enjoy working with groups of teenagers introducing them to this environment - hopefully they will go on to get as much joy out of the mountains it as I have over the years.

For those that are interested, away from mountains I’m an IT Technical Manager and I enjoy playing most sports, although my rugby days came to a sudden end in Oct 2007 with a double leg fracture and ankle dislocation - ouch!  To try and take the edge of life I like to cheer myself up by following the highs and lows of Norwich City Football club.

Anyway, that’s about it - that’s me. You can catch up on more of my general musings about the web, mountain sports and life in general on my blog

Hopefully you now know a little more about the person responsible for this site. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more info.

Giles Thurston

Article written by Giles Thurston on January 16, 2008


Posted by Allen Bordoley on December 05, 2008

Great site.  We’ve needed this for a long time. The sight of snow on “them thar hills” is exciting.
Good Luck and do you take Oscar with you??
Allen Bordoley

Posted by Allen Bordoley on December 05, 2008

Giles, Re your “history”. I see that you are interested in buggies.  My neice, Melanie Ramet, has written two booklets on using a buggy in the Midlands area and is now writing a third. Should help your readers with young children.
Allen Bordoley

Posted by Giles on December 10, 2008

Hi Allen,
Thanks for you comments, no Oscar doesn’t come with us.  He is far too lazy for that and prefers a nice comfy bed to climbing a mountain smile

Posted by Ian Stewart on January 28, 2009

Given that your favourite IT service provider is situated on Skye presumably you could spare some time to come up for a bit of ‘training’. I find May is a very good time ‘training’ as the midgies haven’t started.

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