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Thin White Line by Andy Cave

Thin White Line is the sequel to Learning to Breath, Andy Cave’s bestselling debut book which was joint winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize in 2005 and winner of the Adventure Travel Award at the Banff International Festival. 

During this book we travel from the Peak District to the Himalayas, from Norway to Patagonia and from the European Alps to Alaska, in the company of many of today’s leading mountaineers and climbers.  Andy reveals the personal challenges he had to overcome to return to extreme climbing, following the death of his climbing partner Brendan. 

Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees

This guidebook has graced the bookshelves of many climbing and book stores for over 30 years and in this the fifth edition, Kev Reynolds has re-written many sections of the book to bring it up to date with all the latest developments in the area.  Focusing on the Central or High Pyrenees from Lescun in the west to Ax-les Thermes in the east, this guidebook gives the reader an overview of the area through a combination of single and multi day trips, plus the odd easy mountaineering route thrown in for good measure.

Alpine Screensaver 2004

Here’s one of ours, made up of series of photographs taken during our trip to the Alps in June 2004. You can see more of the photos in the gallery else where on the site.

Thanks also goes to Tom Parkin for donating some of his shots from the trip.

Tour Ronde Wallpaper

This is the Tour Ronde Wallpaper created using a photograph we took in June 2004.

Snowdon Horseshoe Wallpaper

This is the Snowdon Horseshoe Wallpaper based upon a photograph we took from the Glyders in October 2003.

Mont Blanc du Tacul Wallpaper

This is the Mont Blanc du Tacul Wallpaper created using a photograph we took from the Cosmiques Hut in June 2004.

Llanberis Pass Wallpaper

This is the Llanberis Pass Wallpaper based upon a photo we took from the lakeside car park back up The Pass, in October 2004.

Scottish Winter Climber Wallpaper

This is the Scottish Winter Climber Wallpaper based upon a photo we took while climbing on Aonach Mor during February 2004. Climber unknown.

Cantilever Wallpaper

This is the Cantilever Wallpaper based upon the classic shot we took on top of the Glyders in October 2003.

Ben Nevis Wallpaper

This is the Ben Nevis Wallpaper based upon a shot we took from the ski slopes of Aonach Mor in February 2004.

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