Route Database : Voie Des Plaques (SW ridge)


Country: Overseas
Region: Alps
Location: Ecrin Park
Crag/Mountain: Tete de Rouget
Route Name: Voie Des Plaques (SW ridge)
Type: Alpine Climb
Grade: PD+
Guidebook: Ecrin Massif, Alpine Club; Ecrins Park, Robin Collomb
Climbers: P Hopwood, 'Swiss' Tony.
Date Climbed: 2001-07-18
Author: Paul Hopwood
Date Entered: 2005-01-15


A classic Climb on the s flank & sw ridge. It is an interesting & fairly exposed climb with no great dificulties on very good rock. Climb from the Soreiller hut to below Tete de Rouget & R to two breches at base of sw ridge. Climb left past the L-hand breche & work your way up to where the SW ridge becomes more defined. Keeping more to the right, climb large open diedre & smooth rock to an obvious small exposed ledge overlooking the south face. Continue up working L up smooth rock to another small ledge. Continue up to a sort of terrace & then on summit ridge to summit. Descend by same route or descend to the breche de rouget & down W via rock face close to the R bank of the couloir issuing from the breche. One rappel in lower section may be useful.


Author: Paul Hopwood on 2005-01-15

An excellent climb with no great difficulties, not too steep but very exposed. The SW ridge is actually slabby so it's not a true narrow ridge. We only pitch climbed from the exposed ledge to the terrace (2 pitches). On the first pitch there was one piton just above the belay & then no protection for a whole rope length. Because it's more of a slab climb, there were no rock spikes either. We got up in good time & hit the summit at the exact time the hut guardian said she expected us to summit. However, Being a british climber used to a nice easy walk off, we found the descent down the N ridge very scarey. Soft snow on top of loose crumbling rock. We did a couple of rappels down the W flank of the N ridge, but needed a double rope to reach the couloir. So ended up having to down climb the last bit. Then the west face was just as bad, scarey down climbing on rubble & soft snow, we were far too slow. I recommend taking two ropes for the descent unless your confident at descending.

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Additional Information on "Voie Des Plaques (SW ridge)":

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