Route Database : La Fissure


Country: Overseas
Region: Alps
Location: Ecrins Park
Crag/Mountain: Fissure d'Ailefroide
Route Name: La Fissure
Type: Rock Climb
Grade: IV+/V
Climbers: Graham Baldry, Alison Stockwell, Tim Hogan, Martin Withington, Helen Withington
Date Climbed: 1986-07-27
Author: Alison Stockwell
Date Entered: 2005-01-16


A 250 metre, 9 pitch crackline clearly discernible from the campsite. It's only bolted at the stances & is a fine adventure climb. Sometimes described as 'The Englishman's Bedroom', it's advisable to take a headtorch & an early start & speedy ascent are recommended. It entails a lot of chimneying & rucksacks & helmets are prone to jamming at the most inconvenient moments. Once at the top, don't assume it's all over; there is still the abseil down. Alternatively, you can descend by a track that heads off towards the left, but a steep-sided gully cuts across this near to the top & is a formidable obstacle in the darkness. If you do have an epic, you can rest assured that the entire campsite will be treated to a blow-by-blow account of your adventure, as your expletives will reverberate loudly around the valley.


None available.

Additional Information on "Fissure d'Ailefroide":

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Additional Information on "La Fissure":

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