Route Database : SE Ridge


Country: Overseas
Region: Alps
Location: Monte Rosa
Crag/Mountain: Zumsteinspitze
Route Name: SE Ridge
Type: Alpine Climb
Grade: F
Guidebook: Alpine Club Valais Alps East / The Alpine 4000m Peaks
Climbers: P Hopwood, J Mason
Date Climbed: 1995-08-15
Author: Paul Hopwood
Date Entered: 2005-01-18


Only a blip between Dufourspitze & Signalkuppe on the high Monte Rosa chain of peaks, but what a situation. The views down the East face of Monte Rosa are breathtaking. It's usually done as part of a high level traverse or crossed by climbers heading to the Margherita hut from Dufourspitze.

From the Colle Gnifetti climb a short narrow snow ridge (the view to your right is amazing), then short distance of snow & rock to the summit.


Author: Paul Hopwood on 2005-01-18

Not usually done as a peak on it's own. However, it's well worth doing as part of a hight alt. traverse including Schwarzhorn 4322m, Ludwigshohe 4341m, Parrotspitze 4436m & SignalKuppe 4556m.

All are at the same grade.

All these peaks can be done in one morning with a return to the gnifetti hut or a stay on the summit of Signalkuppe in the hightest building in Europe (Margherita Hut 4556m).

Additional Information on "Zumsteinspitze":

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Additional Information on "SE Ridge":

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