Route Database : The Glyders & Y Gribin


Country: Wales
Region: North Wales
Location: Glyders
Crag/Mountain: Y Garn/Glyder Fawr/Glyder Fach
Route Name: The Glyders & Y Gribin
Type: Walk
Grade: walk/scramble
Climbers: Steve Emerson & Co
Date Climbed: 2005-02-09
Author: Steve Emerson
Date Entered: 2005-03-16


This whole walk is marked as a thin dotted line on the 1:25000 OS map. It is a really fun & challenging day with great views of both vallys providing vis is good. Start at the car park at Idwal Cottage & take the path that runs past the bottom of Llyn Idwal & up to the summit of Y Garn, there is a reasonable path all the way up but by no means do you have to stick to it, ive gone up this way lots of times & nearly all routes up are possible. when you reach the summit of Y Garn descent along the ridge to Llyn y Cwn & then begin the steep ascent of Glyder Fawr. Continue along the top to Glyder Fach. Unfortunatly you will have to double back on yourself. Y Gribin is named on the map & is very obviously a ridge. The descent is a very tricky scramble to begin with & you are very exposed (not really for those who are scared of heights) It flattens out after a short while & then it is a reasonably trouble free descent back down to the lake & then the cottage.


Author: Steve Emerson on 2005-03-16

The small ring of mountains around Llyn Idwal provides a wide range of routes. It is possible to go up or down; (from east to west) Y Garn, The Devils Kitchen, Y Gribin, by The Bristly Ridge or Tryfan. These ascents/descents can be used to taylor make a route to suite anyone & bag some major peaks everytime.

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