Route Database : Manorhead Horseshoe


Country: Scotland
Region: Southern Uplands
Location: Manor Hills
Crag/Mountain: Dollar Law
Route Name: Manorhead Horseshoe
Type: Walk
Grade: Moderate
Date Climbed: 2006-12-16
Author: Alastair Lyndon
Date Entered: 2006-12-18


Park at end of metalled section of road up Manor Valley signed to Manorhead (NT199286). Thru' gate on track, turn right up fairly steep hill leading directly up beside a fence & then a wall to the summit trig point of Dollar Law (NT177278). From here follow wall (mag bearing 200 deg)towards Fifescar Law until you cut across an obvious track on bearing 138 deg. Follow this (wet & boggy in places) across Notman Law & Water Head, then cut across Greenside Law (faint path in places, some parts very wet) on bearing 045 deg until you reach another obvious track across the Foulbrig heading approximately north-south. Follow this above Bitch Craig & back to your starting point.


Author: Alastair Lyndon on 2006-12-18

The beginning of the walk, up to Dollar Law summit is the most strenuous section, involving a fairly steep climb in the initial stages. Once on top, navigational skills are important if visibility is poor, as the hills are rounded & flat-topped. Walls & fences do give useful ground features if using 1:25000 scale OS maps. These are not indicated on 1:50000 OS maps. Views across to Megget Water from Notman Law are interesting, while the Eildons can be seen peeping over Black Law to the south-east. Approximate distance - 11 km. Ascent - 654 m. Guide time - 3.5 hours.

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