Route Database : Loch Dughaill route


Country: Scotland
Region: Northwest Highlands
Location: Applecross to Achnasheen
Crag/Mountain: Ben Shieldaig
Route Name: Loch Dughaill route
Type: Walk
Grade: Strenuous
Guidebook: Local Knowledge
Climbers: Adrian Mehlin, Fiona Moys, Andy Moys.
Date Climbed: 2007-10-23
Author: Ade Mehlin
Date Entered: 2007-10-27


My first proper climb,so bear with me please.
We started off from the right of the trees by Loch Dughaill, with the plan of zig-zagging up the fairly steep face then round left to the peak.
The first 45 mins were a hard, & occasionally scrambly, 1:3 gradient. Plenty of heather for grip though! Had a brief sighting of a stag,which made a good diversion.
After that it was pretty easy,with the climb being far less harsh gradient. Ground a bit boggier but avoidable. Time to peak was 1hr 45m.
Back down we headed along the stony ridge, & headed the stag fence, which led back to Loch Dughaill.
The fence came in handy for support,down the often steep boggy walk down. A bit awkward for me a novice to marilyns, but nothing that bad.Down time 1hr.


Author: Ade Mehlin on 2007-10-27

Good challenge,great views all the time. The first time my friends had climbed it too,and Ben Shieldaig is virtually in their back garden.

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