Route Database : Mynydd Express


Country: Wales
Region: South Wales
Location: Machen
Crag/Mountain: Mynydd Machen
Route Name: Mynydd Express
Type: Walk
Grade: Engergetic
Climbers: Jason
Date Climbed: 2007-01-15
Author: Salamander
Date Entered: 2008-03-27


17 Mile walk from Ystrad Mynach Train Station to Mynydd Machen & back, using the route 47 cycle track, & the Rhymney Ridgeway path, there are many ways you can return from Mynydd Machen, If you have the relevant map 152 Newport & Pontypool & also Rhondda & Merthyr Tydfil / Merthyr Tydfil map...
Mynydd Y Grug is well worth exploring on your return, a network of quiet footpaths traverse the mountainside, rarely walked on...
Watch out of the Bulls on Mynydd Y Grug, I've had little problems with them, but they are big buggers...


Author: Salamander on 2008-03-27

From train station locate route 47 Cycle track & follow to Hengoed Viaduct, cross over viaduct & head up cycle path to where it crosses road, head up side road opposite crossing where a ghostly industrial estate is found, walk to top of road, find a stony path on the right hand side heading up past a golf course, walk this track for about 800 yds & come out onto the Bryn Road. Turn right & head up road, a transmitter is on the skyline. Pass transmitter, & keep to path, this path is the Rhymney Ridgeway path, keep to path all along to Mynydd Machen, Destination will sometimes appears when the view allows on your left, transmitters are on the summit of Mynydd Machen. You can come back over same path or plan your own route from the abundance of paths available that run along with the route. Note - Bedwas coal tip at end of Mynydd Y Grug has deep channels & holes... I would keep away in poor conditions...

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