Route Database : Mynydd Y Grug Traverse


Country: Wales
Region: South Wales
Location: Mynydd Y Grug
Crag/Mountain: Hill
Route Name: Mynydd Y Grug Traverse
Type: Walk
Grade: Mod
Climbers: Jason
Date Climbed: 2006-04-03
Author: Salamander
Date Entered: 2008-03-27


A lovely evening walk over a quiet area of Mynydd Y Grug. From the Dual Carriageway which is the A469, located by the roundabout at the Duffryn Ind Est. turn off, a set of concrete steps... This is the start of the walk... Follow though various farms over fields & though woodland, return over the rough & windswept Mynydd Y Grug & Bryn road back to route 47 cycle track...


Author: Salamander on 2008-03-27

From the Dual Carriageway which is the A469, located by the roundabout at the Duffryn Ind Est. turn off, a set of concrete steps is found, follow path from the top of steps to gate, come out onto a track that goes under a dismantled railway bridge. Follow under bridge to road at top of track, cross road & pass though the farm near Gwernau Fawr, head on right of way to Gwernau Ganol, find road on left hand side & follow to res at ST 159 935. Turn right on road & head to Ty'r-ywen. Pass through farm & find a track with gate on it, pass though gate, & after a few yards find a stile on your right, cross stile & follow path to Cae-Brith, & onwards to rough track (ST 163920) Follow rough track up hill which passes transmitter at ST 168 926. Make your way to Ridgeway track, turn left on track & head down to Bryn road, join cycle track 47 at ST 167 949 & follow back to Ystrad Mynach, descend to station by ST 140 947, a path drops down towards Nelson road A472

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