Route Database : via Black Hill


Country: Scotland
Region: Cairngorms
Location: Braemar to Montrose
Crag/Mountain: Strathfinella Hill
Route Name: via Black Hill
Type: Walk
Grade: Moderate Walk
Date Climbed: 2008-09-26
Author: Brian
Date Entered: 2008-09-27


Good parking at the Forestry Commission gate at NO716777. Start by following the commission track. At the first Y take the right fork & shortly after go straight on where a track leaves to the right. Continue following the commission track till it comes to a T junction. At this point go straight over the T to follow a path up through the forest. Go straight over the next commission track to continue following a path up through the forest. This takes you over Black Hill (NO706786) & eventually to another commission track at NO700788. Turn left here until you come to the fire breaks, there is one to the right (N) & opposite two in a V to the left (S). Follow the break North for about 100 m looking to the left. The trig point is hiding in the woods on the left about 10m into the woods along a short path.


None available.

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