Route Database : Normal route from South


Country: Overseas
Region: Other
Location: Caucasus, Russia
Crag/Mountain: Elbrus
Route Name: Normal route from South
Type: Alpine Climb
Grade: PD
Date Climbed: 2008-07-23
Author: bukh
Date Entered: 2009-03-24


Normal route starts from Azau Glade (2200 m), by skilift to the Garabashi Station (3750 m), then on foot via ruins of Priyut of 11 Hut (4100 m) & Pastukhov Rocks (4800 m) to the saddle (5300 m) & to the top (5642 m). There are no technical difficulties. This route is along not very steep (but very long) snow & ice slopes (normally in summer this route is without ice or with short icy parts), snow starts from the Garabashi Station (it is better to use plastic boots for climbing). The climbing path is not dangerous because it does not cross crevasse zones. But if you lose the right way, you may find a lot of huge crevasses & very often they are hidden under snow. The main dangers are the high altitude (climbers should have good acclimatization before the ascent) & the weather. Weather conditions may change very quickly & it is very difficult to find the right way on the huge snow slopes without good visibility (group should have several experienced climbers or a good guide)


Author: bukh on 2009-03-24

Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, is located several kilometres north of the main crest. Almost 1000 m taller than the other surrounding mountains, Mt. Elbrus dominates the countryside of the Central Caucasus like a two-headed icy giant. The summits of this extinct volcano are capped in ice & snow all the year round & countless glaciers sprawl from its slopes. Local nature is wonderful!
The ascent of Mt. Elbrus by the normal route has no technical difficulties but it is really hard because of the altitude & a really long way! & rapidly changing weather, violent storms & low temperature are very dangerous on Elbrus.

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