Route Database : Grooved Arete


Country: Wales
Region: North Wales
Location: Glyders
Crag/Mountain: Tryfan
Route Name: Grooved Arete
Type: Rock Climb
Grade: VD
Guidebook: Ogwen
Climbers: John & Giles
Date Climbed: 2004-08-20
Author: Giles Thurston
Date Entered: 2004-12-29


Long 8 pitch mountain route up the east face of Tryfan.

Starting from the northern end of heather terrace, the route starts easily although there are a couple of awkward moves on the first pitch when wearing a pack.

The crux pitch (7) is the knights move diagonally up & across a slab.


Author: Giles Thurston on 2004-12-29

Fairly straight forward in big boots. Be sure to cross the entire slab when doing the knights move. It may look like a sheer drop but there is a ledge over the edge.

Giles Thurston on 2005-01-13

A lot more committing in January with strong winds, freezing rock and ice in places. What's a great VD in summer can be a whole different proposition in winter!

Alison Stockwell on 2005-01-17

Some find the chimney pitch below the Knight's Slab more intimidating, and the narrow grooves at about 100 feet are very polished and can be quite tricky in big boots, especially in the wet. Some guidebooks insert an imaginary extra pitch in between the terrace at the end of the rightwards walk and the Knight's Slab. Curiously this is in both my guidebooks, but despite having climbed this route numerous times, I have never manage to locate it! If you can't find it either; don't worry, you haven't gone wrong.

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