Route Database : Hope & Cneifon Arete


Country: Wales
Region: North Wales
Location: Cwm Idwal & Cwm Cneifon
Crag/Mountain: Idwal Slabs & Cneifon Arete
Route Name: Hope & Cneifon Arete
Type: Rock Climb
Grade: VD & D respectily
Guidebook: North Wales Rock
Climbers: Gavin Barry-Morgan & Tom O'Donoghue
Date Climbed: 2007-04-20
Author: Gavin Barry-Morgan
Date Entered: 2007-04-21


Start at Ogwen cottage & amble up into Cwm Idwal, an easy walk at the worst of times. Continue walkin round the Llyn untill you reach the famous & obvious Idwal slabs. you can chose any routes on the crag al are easily accesable, but in the instance me & Tom climbed hope, right in the middle of the slabs & a justifyably famous route. although the route is baly polished. once the route is completed scramble up towards the left, know as the easy way off. keep gainig in height untill the level with Cwn Cneifon. cross the Cwm to the largest butress on the left side of the Cwm. begin the climb on the crag where the the eroded soil meets the crag. continue up to a chimny 30m up. bely point advised. Climb the 10m chimney, easy & fun. once above the chimney its a scramble with obvious lines to an easty end. desend in a number of ways, but not recomended in climbing shoes.


Author: Gavin Barry-Morgan on 2007-04-21

a brilliant Alpine style climb where there are several opertunities to practice climbing together.

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