Route Database : Tarmachan Ridge


Country: Scotland
Region: Southern Highlands
Location: Loch Lomond to Strathyre
Crag/Mountain: Beinn Chabhair
Route Name: Tarmachan Ridge
Type: Walk
Grade: Great
Date Climbed: 2008-04-24
Date Entered: 2008-05-03


Set off from Brn Glas Farm campsite & follow obvious & scrappy path to N side of burn - great waterfalls. Once on level ground bear N up quad bike path & then head E over Tarmachan ridge. Arduous but dry & exhilerating. Make way to summit & return by Corrie.


Author: STEVE LESLIE on 2008-05-03

Rained most of the way. Seen fox at 2500ft. Boggy in corrie so Tarmachan is recommende ascent - on the way home so descnt by corrie!!

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