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Alain Robert, the world famous urban solo climber has just released his autobiography, With Bare Hands: The Story of the Human Spider (published by Maverick House Publishers, £16.99). Also known as the French Spiderman, Robert’s biography will have you clutching at the pages, holding on and hardly daring to breathe, as Robert tells of clinging to giant buildings.

Alain’s publishers have been kind enough to allow us to publish an excerpt of his autobiography, so why not read on and enjoy!

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Articles : Interview with Renan Ozturk have recently published an interview with Renan Ozturk, another of North Faces sponsored climbers. 

Renan has combined the two great passions of his life and become a very well accredited climber and artist in his own right.  He continues to push himself harder each time he takes to climbing a new face and only last year, Renan became one of the first people to rediscover ancient murals of Budha in the semi-autonomous zone of Mustang in Tibet, after a tip-off by a local sheep farmer. 

Read our excerpt from his recent interview with

Reviews : Psychovertical by Andy Kirkpatrick

We review Andy Kirkpatricks new autobiography, which charts how he broke onto the UK climbing scene and his thirteen day solo climb of Reticent Wall on El Capitan in California.

Titled Psychovertical it follows a similar vein to the talk of the same title that Andy was giving last year.  Based around his thirteen day solo ascent of Reticent Wall on El Capitan in California, he interlinks chapters of this climb with chapters around his youth and how broke into the UK and alpine climbing scene.

Articles : Interview with Daniel Woods Image Source:
Image courtesy of have recently published an interview with Daniel Woods, one of North Faces sponsored climbers. 

Born in 1989, Daniel has had a resounding climbing career for someone so young.  Daniel has put his stamp on bouldering from a very young age - entering his first competition when he was just 8 years old!  Since then he has continued to test the capabilities of a climber on some of the toughest climbs around.  He takes great pride in testing his climbing abilities across both bouldering and sport climbing of which he his topping the scale of difficulty ratings in both sports

Reviews : The Eiger Obsession by John Harlin
The young John Harlin III came of age possessed with the very same passion for risk that drove his father to his death on the North Face of the Eiger. But he had also promised his mother, a beautiful and brilliant young widow, that he would not be an Alpine climber. Harlin moved from Europe to America, and, with an insatiable sense of wanderlust, he revelled in downhill skiing and rock-climbing. For years he successfully denied the siren call of the mountain that killed his father. But in 2005, he could resist no longer. And so it was, that with his nine-year-old daughter, Siena – his very age at the time of his father’s death – and with an IMAX Theatre filmmaking crew watching, John Harlin III set off towards the Eiger…

Articles : Mountain Navigation: Maps, Symbols and Scales Mountaindays Navigation Articles

In the first part of our mountain navigation series, we start by reviewing the different map sources available to UK users including online, handheld, paper and computer based. 

We then go onto discuss the different scales used on the more popular maps used by UK hill walkers before reviewing the symbols used.

Articles : Mountain Navigation Series Mountaindays Navigation Articles
We’re starting a series of articles about the art of mountain navigation written by Giles Thurston, a qualified International Mountain Leader. 

Through this series we will provide an introduction to navigating in a mountain environment including the use of the map, estimating distance travelled, using a compass and GPS devices

News : Upcoming articles & new features Since the launch of the new look site earlier this month, we have been burning the midnight oil trying to make Mountaindays even better! 

You can now add comments to articles, use google search to find what you’re looking for and submit your own articles for publication.  Over the coming months we are planning a series of articles about the fundamentals of navigation and we have more mountain bike specific reviews and articles in the pipeline.

Articles : Interview with Andy Cave
Following the release of his latest book Thin White Line, we caught up with Andy Cave for a quick chat.

Thin White Line is the sequel to Learning to Breath, Andy Cave’s bestselling debut book which was joint winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize in 2005 and winner of the Adventure Travel Award at the Banff International Festival. 

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